And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Guardian
And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Helper
~ Quran 4:45

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Bangkok 2017 Day 2: Pratunam Morning Market, Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel Bangkok, Platinum Fashion Mall, Big C Supercenter Rajdamri & Palladium DIY Night Market


Lepas rant meluahkan ketidakpuasan hati dalam entry kelmarin, kita tone down the atmosphere a little. Kalau ada lelaki yang terbaca, kalau terasa, sis minta maaf sangat! Just an honest opinion. Actually, it's the red-flag syndrome. 😅

Anyways, as promised, lets do a throwback to 22.4.17, our Day 2 adventures in Bangkok. If you haven't read Day 1, you can do so here. Done? Get yourself some popcorn or anything (only if you are reading this in the night! Siapa tak puasa tu? Haipp!) Let's begin #SyazHanWanders #AlongAngahAdventures Day 2!!

Since Angah & I decided to have an early night for the first day coz we were exhausted and Angah action jet lag *rolls eyes*. However, we were up early the next day. Mind you their Subuh was at 0448hrs and Syuuk was at 0600hrs! Well, that kinds of made sense though, since they are 1 hour behind time from SG/MY.

I was up at approximately 0520hrs with the help of wake up call by Mummy of course and non-stop alarm! Did Subuh, whilst along the way waking Angah up then we waited for the area to be bright coz we weren't to familiar with the area, so a tip I could share, just wait till sunrise. But not too late though! First up, we were headed to Pratunam Morning Market, the famous wholesale market at approximately 0700hrs.

Credit: Google Maps

Forever relying on the the trusty ol' Google Maps to navigate our way there. Thank God that I took Geography as one of my subject combination during high school. So, map reading was Alhamdullilah, quite a breeze.

Since it's bright, I decided to just walk there as it was a walking distance from the hotel. Not too far, but not too near either. Approximately 10-11 mins walk as you can see from the map above. If you don't stop by elsewhere like we did. Hahaha!

Along the way, found a 7-11 store. I tell you 7-11 there is like a popping store everywhere, anywhere. Turn one alley, you see 7-11, then when you enter the next alley, another 7-11. Pretty convenient I shall say. So, we went in and I found the famous, Lepan Banana (it was claimed to be similar to Tokyo Banana) that I have heard amazing reviews of. Bought a pack of 4 for 59฿ and a bottle of mineral water. Have never been a fan of sweet drinks, so mineral water it is. Well, I do still indulge in sweet drinks, but not too often due to my high chance of getting sore throat. 😩 7am is kinda too early for me to also accept any food in my system, (for normal days though, tapi time Ramadhan, kul 4 pagi pun jalan terus jer. Hahaha!) as I usually downed a few glasses of lukewarm water every morning & I find it difficult to break the routine.

We went ahead and continue walking, following the route by Google Maps. Along this alley, we got stopped several times by taxi & tuktuk drivers. well, if you were to encounter this, just politely decline, won't harm coz Thai people are mostly very, very friendly! I love Thailand! Tetiba! Hahaha!

Though we were actually heading to Pratunam Morning Market, I was also aiming to find the Halal Muslim Food Stall that sells noodles in the morning which I read about in several halal food guide. Killing two birds with one stone! Found it and after a turn in the alley, Voila! There we were standing in the middle of those makeshift tents selling items at wholesale price. We didn't had breakfast just yet, as I mentioned it was still too early.

Pratunam Morning Market is crazily packed with humans that you just have to squeeze your way through. Else, you'll just be pushed and shoved or be stagnant at that place for a very, very long time. What I can say, if you are not as picky as I am, then there's a whole lot of clothes shopping you can do here. So many options to choose from and of course, cheap naa! However, I still get to purchase a denim shirt that costs 600฿ only! So happy with the purchase, but with the current weather and nature of my job, it'll be crazy to wear that for work though.

Outside view of Pratunam Market

Actually, I kind of went a lil crazy coz I wanted to buy those lovely denim dresses as well, but come to think of it, I already owned a pair of denim dress at home that is actually under used and immediately went to realisation that I won't be needing it. So, only the denim shirt it is! Didn't get to much photos there due to the human congestion and constant pushing. Managed to take a few Instastory, but this makcik just forgot to save that videos. So, wasted!

Anyways, a tip for those going there, when you see something you like, grab it! Don't think already! Bargain a little, they would probably ask you to take all the available colour of the design you wanted at a far cheaper price. So, just buy it! I even had a few regrets of not buying coz I was afraid of impulse purchase, pastu sis menyesal sendiri. Padan muka! Downside to shopping here would be you can't try it on, so its kind of gamble with your purchase.

I made Angah the timekeeper, coz we have to be back in the hotel latest by 1030hrs as we have to pack and check out by 1200hrs. But the crowd was getting crazy and me being the one that hyperventilate when I'm in a crowded area decided to just get out of that place asap. So, we tapau food from the halal muslim stall to eat in the hotel. Those beef noodles though! Yums!

Purchase from Pratunam Morning Market
Bought those camo pants for Abang & Ahfat, then they couldn't fit.

We were back in the hotel at approximately 0945hrs which gave us plenty of time to eat, wash up, nap for a little while (well Angah did, I was drafting entry for Day 1) before checking out at 1200hrs.

By 1200hrs, we were at the hotel's lobby preparing for checkout. As I was dealing with the staff for our deposit, etc. Angah on the other hand were arranging for transport. But, alas, all else failed. Again! The driver didn't know how to get to our location and it was the same experience we encountered the day before, female driver again. I got nothing against female driver, coz I'm in the midst of getting my license too and I'm a supporter of protecting women's rights! Just frustrated, that they failed to follow the map.

So, the driver cancelled our booking and we had to walk for about 200m or so, before we managed to get another driver via Grab and this time we got to ride in Toyota Hilux, the one that Remy Ishak drove in Nur Kasih which I believe was his own personal car as well. Stalker sangat! So, macam berangan Adam & Nur gitu! Hahaha! Side tracked again.

Credit: Google Maps

The moment we arrived at Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel Bangkok, I fell deeply in love with it. The atmosphere, ambience, security, service, staff, SUPERB!! Major love for them! Why I decided to book 2 hotels was because of Centara's location and its close proximity to most areas that we were planning to go and since they were having summer promotions which total up to almost the same price if we were to stay at Klub Hotel Suite throughout our trip. Once we arrived at the lobby, we were given welcome drinks, etc and were supposed to check in only at 1500hrs, but were given early check-in since they have rooms available. Alhamdullilah!

Overview of our room

We were given the highest floor, before the last floor which was solely for the rooftop bar. So, I had another round of wash up and change of clothes before heading out to Platinum Fashion Mall. It was a short walk from the hotel to the mall.  

Sis belanja OOTD for the day. See those sandals, bought it for 100 only the night before.

Credit: Google Maps

From all the guides I read, apparently this is the place to go for those that really wants to shop till they drop and boy, the whole mall was humungous! As you all knew, I'm not really a fan of shopping, the only shopping I could actually tolerate and spent hours would be grocery shopping, going from one aisle of the supermarket to the other, looking for ingredients, items. So makcik! But since Platinum Mall is not located nest to my house, might as well explore. The place here was also jam packed with humans of all races and mostly tourists. There were major sale on that day and to make it worse, it was a Saturday. I suffocated! Another round of hyperventilation, but managed to pull through, since it's air-conditioned.

Round and round we went, from one level to the other. Managed to buy jeans thee which I have been using it for work and sis menyesal tak beli banyak! The seller was really nice, since he doesn't have a fitting room, he asked us to purchase then go try in the washroom, if can't fit then he allowed us to exchange. As usual the more you buy, the better the discount! The offer made was 3 pairs for 1,010฿, something like that. Cheap naa! But I bought only 2 pairs coz Angah wanted a pair. I only wore it once I'm back in SG, that's where the regret came from! Looks presentable, but at the same time stylish, then fits me perfectly, and I only have 2 pairs. Can we fly to Thailand now!!!!!

During the whole time, I was whatsapping with le fam and Mummy asked if we can buy customised caps for Abang & Ahfat. Angah & I are like total opposites. The moment she saw the message she immediately wanted to get it from the first shop we saw. But me, being the rational one, (Angah said it's kedekut) I decided to survey a few shops before finally deciding on one. So, we made the order and she told us to come back in about 45mins. Why I chose her shop was because, the wordings on the cap is not printed, but sewn on type. I was immediately SOLD lorh!

We then headed to the food court at Level 6, I knew there was a few halal stalls there. You have to purchase a card and top up before you can buy the food. Something like Singapore's Kopitiam! So, we had the pink noodles (which Zoey Rahman recommended earlier that week when he was there. Watched his Instastory) and rice with chicken. Initial plan was to also tapau, but then coz we knew we are heading to Big C afterwards, had to forgo the idea. The pink noodles kinda tasted like diluted Mee Siam. I could taste the taucu (fermented beans in sauce) but still nice. Or probably we were just hungry, since it's almost 5+pm when we got our food and the last meal we had was at 1000hrs.

Oh, if you are wondering, where we prayed etc. Platinum Mall has prayer room available. So, no worries, lepas shopping, masuk waktu solat! Collected the boys cap and off we go to Big C Supercenter Rajdamri.

They chose the design on their own via Whatsapp Video Call, made them decide on their own.

To head to Big C, you can take a connecting bridge from Platinum Mall and it will take you to Big C. Big C  is like a super huge hypermart that sells almost everything and anything. And, that was my favourite part of all, snack & food shopping!! *bercinta sangat dengan makanan* Lots of snacks, food and everything!

Credit: Google Maps

Didn't take much photos though, but we did FB Live via Angah's FB, coz sis shy nak guna account sendiri. Entah apa-apa entah! I went crayyyzaayyy there! Spent most of my money there. You will know soon when I continue with the next part. Like tak boleh control and wanted to take everything. Like everything! the damage was real and the struggle to carry those things back was real too. Angah wanted to take the tuktuk back, but I wanted to go to Palladium DIY Night Market afterwards and find dinner as well. So, Angah redha jer lah.

I was being the 'bad sister' throughout our trip. Coz, I know how Angah would always give up and take taxi most of the time in SG, so since I did all the planning and only I knew the way between us, she got no choice but to follow me and I even threatened her if she grumbles too much, I'll just leave her there. Muahahaha!! Which I did, but you will have to wait for the next part though.

We had 2 of that pink bags that we bought at Big C, to place all the stuff we bought.

Angah cranky already, coz I refused to take tuktuk!

So, we walked back via the overhead bridge to the night market and along the way found a caravan that sells cutesy popsicle, so must buy lah!

Interesting way to do business



Too pretty lah! I sayang to eat!

We were eating with hands full of items etc. Can't seem to find any halal caravan, so we went ahead to Palladium Night Market. Hands full, so no photos there and I had to deal with a very cranky Angah. We were only there for a while. Bought waterproof bag pack for us, then off we went to find some foos. Can't buy McDonalds coz they serve pork burger and we ended up buying Halal Indian Food nearby the hotel. Should have just tapau from Platinum Mall though.

Our loot for the second part of the day!

So, that kinds of sums up our Day 2 adventure in Bangkok! Phew, another lengthy post done! Panjang lebar sis bercerita.

Anyway, we are already towards the end of Ramadhan. Overwhelmed with emotions though. I really don't want Ramadhan to end so fast, but I am so looking forward to my upcoming leave during the first week of Syawal coz this budak Bandar will raya kampong this year with my maternal family, In Sya Allah. My uncles have been communicating frequently on the types of mercun, coz I requested for it. Hahaha! Nak jugak!

It will be the first time for the boys to raya elsewhere than in SG. I vividly remember fasting a whole month in KL when I was 4/5 then spent 2-3 days of raya there. It was everyday-different-bazaar-Ramadhan and since Mummy trained us early to fast, my uncles and aunts pitied us, so it was pick-whatever-you-want. Those memories though! Wish I am still a little girl. No work commitments/responsibilities, no over worrying, etc. But got to be grateful for everything Allah swt has bestowed upon me.

Anyways, till then! Take care! 


Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Girls Talk: He's Single, Taken or Just Being Complicated???


"Yang menarik itu selalunya dah berpunya,
Yang gatal itu selalunya tua,
Yang kita suka itu selalunya tak suka kita'"
~Nursyazwani Sani, 2017

Tetiba sis berquote bagai. Hahaha! Anyways, after being MIA for almost a month, more actually, I missed writing but there's just a little too much on my plate currently and most of it is definitely work related! At times, I don't even have time for myself. 24 hours on standby! Not funny people!

By the way, how was your Ramadhan? Mine, had been going well. Alhamdullilah. Despite being under the sun most of the time, don't even have an office to cool down, but all and all I'm coping well with the help from Allah swt.

So, dah lama sis tak bukak segment Girls Talk kan? Terasa macam nak tulis, mungkin kerana emosi tak berapa stabil or just that I'm in a situation that I hated most. I do apologise beforehand kalau entri kali ini bakal melalut atau ke laut. I'm definitely not thinking straight.

Memang ada kena mengena dengan quote atas tu yang sis reka sendiri. Haha! You might just have to agree with me at some point of time when you encounter it. Being in this industry, kind of put me in a situation where men are like buffet. Don't get me wrong, but I don't really have any idea how to put it in a more modest way. Lol! Cam kau toleh kiri, nampak lelaki, toleh kanan, lelaki lagi! Then you are trying your hardest to istiqomah and not look at them.

Pastu, lelaki zaman sekarang ni, punyalah susah nak identify, single ke, taken ke! Who can relate this with me? Please comment kat bawah!!! Like honestly, dikelilingi ramai lelaki dalam menjalankan tugas, sometimes, I tend to analyse character, behaviours of men. Then, men these days, what harm it does for you to put on a ring to identify that you are taken? At least kasilah clue to clueless girls like us. Macam sis! Tau tak, trend sekarang, lelaki dah kahwin pastu dah beranak dua tiga, tak semestinya boroi ok? Pastu yang bujang, single & available, perut macam dah overdue 9 bulan! So, can anyone understand where this frustration is coming from? Faham tak?

Untuk lelaki kat luar sana, jujurlah dengan diri sendiri. pastu kalau dah kahwin tu, pakailah cincin ke, kalau nak lagi senang cop jer kat dahi 'SAYA DAH BERISTERI!' Hahahahahaha! Pastu, janganlah nak mengorat anak dara orang, kita pun ada perasan, kadang tersuka tanpa sengaja! Faham tak? Especially kalau awak itu jenis yang charming!

Entahlah itu jer kot, sis nak rant. Jangan salah sangka sis tak main cinta dengan suami orang atau selainnya. Minta selisih! Maunya keluar surat khabar, "Seorang Ibu Mengejar Anaknya Dengan Parang Sekitar Kawasan Perumahan Kerana Bercinta Dengan Suami Orang!" Headline main paper terus! Hahahahaha! But, yes who can just relate to this? *kita sep sikit* Anyways, till then!

p/s: Tengah siapkan draft Bangkok Day 2! Stay tune! <3 

Monday, 1 May 2017

Bangkok 2017 Day 1: SIN -> BKK, Klub Hotel & Halal Street Food

I better start writing my first ever trip with Angah to Bangkok before I forget all about it. It was our first time there and just the 2 of us travelling without the parents! #milestoneachieved We were there for 5D4N from 21.4.17 - 25.4.17.
Orang sebelah merenung ke luar jendela dalam kerisauan dan kerinduan. Eh?
As I mentioned previously, I'm a freak-a-zoid (is that even a word?!) I have been doing TONS of research prior to this trip. From comparison of flight fares, hotel reviews, study of location, reading halal travelling guides, noting down places to go, etc. One good advice I can give to those planning trips on your own, ORGANISE!

Thanks Mummy, Daddy, Abang & Ahfat for sending us off!
We were actually quite late for the flight that would depart at 1600hrs and we only reached Changi Airport at 1525hrs. Lucky enough that Mummy & Daddy was on their off days so we get to save on cab fare! Daddy drove at almost 120km/h in order for us to make it on time. Thanks Dad! We did a quick check-in of our luggage and that was when Angah's drama started. So much for being a Drama Queen! *roll eyes* She insisted that she needed the bathroom or she's gonna soil her pants and was in there for a freaking 15 mins. I was starting to get anxious coz it was our last call. A lucky thing that I'm kind of well-trained in the departure hall, so I knew exactly where to head rush to.
Passport & Boarding Pass Mandatory Shot!
Though we were late, still managed to do a few Instastory (Lol!) before eventually boarding the plane. The steward that greeted us from the entrance even made a joking remark as to our late arrival. Hahaha! 
One last photo uploaded before our phones were on flight mode!
In-flight entertainment
Halal Airplane Meal
Since we were flying with Singapore Airlines, in-flight meal was included with the price we paid for inclusive of 30kg checked-in luggage and 7kg hand carry luggage and yes, we opted for halal meals. All and all for the first time flying with SQ, it was AH-MAZING!!! As I was scouting for flights and did a price comparison, it's true that all those budget airlines are giving a rather impressive, competitive price that is mind-blowing. However, when you decide to opt in the additional package of 20kg checked-in luggage, the price tends to be comparable when you fly with top notch airlines like SQ & Thai Airways. In case anyone is wondering how much I paid for the tickets, S$237.50 with tax. Not too bad considering the fact that I only book the tickets exactly a month before the trip.
Finally, we reached Suvarnabhumi Airport at about 1735hrs (Bangkok Time, btw Singapore & Malaysia is 1 hour ahead), a lil blurry on the time though as the runway at Suvarnabhumi was congested hence there was a slight delay upon our arrival. Angah was holding tight to my pants during take-off and landing. Forever drama queen this one!
 Elevator to Custom Immigration & Baggage Claim
The moment we landed, Masya Allah, everything felt so surreal! I have never been apart from my parents and only travel with them all this while. Not even for overseas school trips! All of my siblings had travelled with the school at least once in their lifetime and there I was sitting under Mummy's armpit the whole time. Hahaha! Well, there has been some plans previously when I was in high school etc., but then every single time there is always a disease outbreak or the time is not right to go, so it always ended up being cancelled. Boohoo! Oh, also when I was offered to pursue my degree programme in Newcastle but I decided to let go of that offer coz Mummy's afraid I'll experience culture shock when I study abroad. Lol!  

Makcik always bergaya
Clearing customs was quite a breeze for us, Alhamdullilah! Probably because we are holding on to Singapore Passport and we didn't take too long to clear customs as compared to other nationality when we queued behind them. I cleared the customs first so I went ahead and check on the board for our luggage belt. There was a tiny, weeny bit of mistake, we were on board of SQ 976 and the display was showing SQ 876, so I just went ahead with my guts and headed for the mentioned belt on screen and true enough our luggage has been going round the conveyor for quite some time apparently.
First thing we did after clearing customs & collecting luggage was to go ahead and purchase our SIM card. After all the research and reviews, I have only 1 provider in mind, DTAC! We head straight to Gate 6/7, the booth is kinda in between these 2 gates and made our purchase. True enough with the info I looked up online, there's this 7-days package of Unlimited data and about 20ß
 of call time which costs us about 299ß each as we both bought our own SIM. And true enough, it was more than enough throughout our stay of 5 days there. Though we purchased via the self service counter, there will be someone there to help you with the whole process and even configure the SIM to your phone. So, no worries. 
DTAC self-service counter
Updated the family via our family Whatsapp group since that was the countless reminders we received prior to take-off. So, that was exactly what we did before we proceed to take the Airport Rail Link (ARL). As I mentioned, just do your research, it's not difficult to understand their public transport system and definitely could save you more bahts for spending. *winks* It's ok if you really want to take the taxi to your hotel and if you are travelling with a group of 3-4 friends so you can share the cost. But since it was only the 2 of us and our luggage is not that heavy, I decided to just dragged Angah and take the ARL. This is where you have to go to the basement level of the airport and purchase the tokens first before boarding the ARL. Kind of similar to Singapore MRT system. And don't worry, just follow the signboards and if unsure, just ask the people. They are surprisingly friendly, well-mannered and very polite. I wasn't quite expecting that!  
Airport Rail Link token machine
Our happy faces

We were headed to Phaya Thai, the last station for the ARL and it costs us 45ß each. We saved almost 10x on transportation if we decided to go ahead and take the taxi and definitely would take us longer to arrived coz of the peak hours and everywhere in Bangkok is usually congested. For every station the fares differs and it increases every 15ß for each station.


Boomerang Video Credit: Angah
I was too focused studying the map, going thru the itinerary for the first night so not much time to take videos or photos. When we reached Phaya Thai, it was getting quite dark and the idea to walk in the Soi/alley wasn't quite ideal since it was our first time and still unfamiliar with the roads there. So, we decided to take Grab/Uber from Exit 1 of the ARL, but alas, I booked on Grab and the driver claimed to have arrived but was nowhere insight and then after calling and everything and she didn't speak much Thai, I decided to just cancelled the booking. Then Angah proceeded to make a booking with Uber and the same thing happened again. What luck! We were stranded at the entrance for almost 45 minutes when I relented and suggested Angah to just hail a cab.
Unfortunately for us, Klub Hotel Bangkok is a new hotel but a highly rated one and not many drivers knew of it so we got rejected. As we were bickering by the road side, Allah swt decided to save us by sending a fluent English speaking lady and she helped us with the directions to the hotel since I was already on Google Map the whole time. She then directed us to actually go over the other side of the road via the ARL platform and from there we should be able to walk to the hotel which was just around the corner.
So with our luggage, we head over to the other side of the road and as Angah was buying bubble tea (apparently she tried almost all the bubble tea sold at each station that we visited) I was contemplating to walk or take a Tuktuk instead. Angah has gotten a lil bit cranky with the setback so I relented and we took Tuktuk to our hotel. Show the Tuktuk driver the hotel address in Thai and he charged us 100ß and we arrived in less than 2 minutes. That was how near it was!
Our first Tuktuk ride!

Our 1 night reservation at Klub Hotel Bangkok
Our room!
Checked in, placed our deposit, rested for a bit. I have not even the slightest complain on this hotel. Though it's a boutique hotel, their service is excellent and the rooms, immaculately clean! Nothing not to love about it, with the price offered, it's an amazing deal. Just a little downside would probably be the location. It's not too near to the central area, so for first timer, I wont recommend this place. but if you are used with Thailand, please try this hotel. Will definitely stay here again since I kind of understood the area. It was only about 2100hrs (Bangkok Time) so we washed up a little and Angah made a booking via Grab to head to the famous Halal Tom Yam Paa Nga.
Credit: Google Maps
We took Grab there and was informed by the driver that it was near a night market. So after about 4-5 mins journey, we alighted and walk around. Unfortunately, we couldn't find Tom Yam Paa Nga at first and saw an alternative Halal stall, so we just bought the food there. Along the way when we were in the car, saw a Muslim lady selling halal Mango Sticky Rice so after we placed our order we headed there and walked a bit to the nearest shops and was hooked at one shop selling sandals for 100-120ß. Bought for myself a sandal since I didn't bring my flip flops along and was wearing sneakers.
Halal Street Food Stall
Honestly, the people of Thai are so soft spoken and very well-mannered from those working as professionals to those mending the stall for street food. I am amazed! My initial itinerary for that night was actually to head to Palladium Night Market (DIY market), but Angah was tired and she's afraid of the dark alley back to the hotel, we ended up taking a Tuktuk back to the Hotel. This time round, we got a cute looking driver (didn't take a photo of him though. I shy!) but his Tuktuk didn't have a step up to the seating area and Angah had difficulties going down and he was being so straight forward saying she's fat! Lol! I was laughing right there and then at the Hotel entrance.
Our first dinner in Thailand!
As you can see from the video, the stall looked kind of 'bodoh-bodoh' but the food... Sampai termimpi-mimpi beb! We ordered Chicken Thai Basil Rice with Egg and Seafood Tom Yam! It was mind blowing!!! Authentic and definitely worth the money. It only costs us 220ß and the portion is huge! After the hefty meal, both Angah & I terbongkang and had an early night.
That kind of sums up Day 1 of our Bangkok Trip! Phew! *wiped sweat from forehead* Super lengthy post. I will continue updating the other days there as memory and keep sake purpose for me. If anyone one of you visiting are planning to visit Bangkok, hope whatever I shared here can be of a certain help for you since there aren't many halal guide available.
Till then! Stay tune for Day 2 and take care lovelies!