And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Guardian
And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Helper
~ Quran 4:45

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A Tribute to The Nice Girls

Pertama sekali, Sya ingin meminta maaf, sebab entry kali ini mungkin akan menjadi lebih panjang dari biasa dan Sya akan menulis in English, mungkin sebab ia akan lebih memberi impact pada apa yang ingin Sya tulis. (:

This is a tribute to the nice girls out there. Yes, you, the ones who have been listening to your guy friends whines and at times their anger because they claimed there are no more nice girls to date. You, being the one always there by their side, in good times and in bad times, and even you are the one who will help him to get the girl he's attracted to. You, being the girl who uphold your pride, your principles and your beliefs, and always the nice girls left unnoticed. Yes, indeed this is the saddest situation most nice girls will experience. 

You were out shopping with your BFFs and he called saying his girlfriend just dumps him for another guy or when you were engrossed in a romantic movie you have been longing to watch and he left 20 missed calls and voice messages asking you to call him back or even when you were supposed to spend some girl time for yourself and again he decided to pour his heartache out, even though when he was in the relationship, he forgets you, ignores you and even decide not to pick up your calls. 

You being his best girl friend, will drag yourself out, or even leave whatever you are doing just to get him and tell him everything is alright. You will accompany him to his favourite place, be it by the lake, by the beach or even to some unknown place you never went to, just to listen to what he has to say about his ex-girlfriend that dumped him. 

That moment he will start saying 'Oh, there are no more nice girls around and it's impossible to find them coz, all of them have been taken' or he will say 'The next time I find a girl, I'll look at her heart and not her looks', forgetting the nice girl siting beside him, quietly listening not saying anything.  You will then comfort him, motivate him and tell him nice girls still exists and one day he'll find one. 

When he finally got over his ex-girlfriend he'll start to hang out with you again, sticking by you and you being the nice girl thought, finally my friend has changed. But, that didn't last long. The moment he set his eyes on another pretty girl, he'll asked you to help him to get that girl and the cycle continues. Yes, it does! 

You being the nice girl might not have a flawless feature, a bikini body, the social butterfly among your friends. But, you, the nice girl, have a beautiful heart that only deserving people will be able to see. So, to you, the nice girls out there, be patience with these friends, have faith that one day you too will meet your nice guy. 

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