And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Guardian
And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Helper
~ Quran 4:45

Sunday, 14 December 2014




Rasanya gambar di atas menjelaskan segalanya!! Segala pahit jerih, segala kepenatan, segala lelah, segala keluh kesah, segala stay up late, rasanya segala-galanya! Alhamdullilah, berjaya melangkah ke satu fasa baru. Tak dapat merasa jadi penganggur L The company where I did my internship offered me a job, but at different site. Jadi, sebelum graduation ini, memang dah mula kerja. I guess this entry would be one of my longest post. Longest post for me to thank all of my loved ones & to share my story. So please, bear with me alright!
Firstly, thank you Almighty Lord for allowing me to complete this journey. Thank you for giving me the strength, the will power, the drive to just go on. Despite all those obstacles, YOU got me standing, fighting my own fears, got me back up when I fall. Alhamdullilah, Allah s.w.t. listen to every little prayers that I made to HIM. Even for the slightest things, HE granted me what I asked for without fail. HE send all his blessings at the right time and after all the painful situation HE sent me blessings that I’ve never expected. Thank you Allah!
To my beloved parents, thank you for the endless day & night prayer for me. Thank you for all the blessings given, thank you for being so supportive towards the path that I chose despite it to be man-domineering industry. Thank you for the constant support, advice and definitely listening to your daughter’s tale. All the little talk we had, all the time you were standing right behind me when everyone else turned their back against me, the time that I fall from endless obstacles! I can never thank you both enough for what you had done for me!
To my siblings, thank you for being there. Thank you for cheering me up when I’m down. And a special thank you to my sister for tolerating me doing all my assignments, projects & late night study in our room. Tolerating me when I had to switch on the lights when you needed to get your sleep. So, thank you!
This goes specially to my Uncle Ijan & Auntie Allis! Thank you for the constant support & prayers and definitely taking the risk of helping me with my sponsorship. Being my guarantor willingly, when not even my closest relatives dare to lend a hand. Thank you for always believing in me, thank you for always injecting me with motivation words! I can never thank you both enough! Only Allah s.w.t can repay all your kindness towards my family!
“If I can do it, you can too!” ~ Uncle Ijan
To my bestie, thank you for being there all the time! 3 months, 3 months and we felt like we knew each other for years. When Allah sent you, I was very thankful, thankful even if it was a short academic year I had with you, we continued to stay in touch. With you meeting me during my internship just for lunch, coming down to lepak at my house, listening to all the craps that came out from my mouth, sharing stories, little secrets & gossiping! Thank you bestie, you are one of my answered prayers I asked from Allah!
To that one person, I’m sure you know who you are! Thank you for being there for me, thank you for all the advices, thank you for treating me right, thank you for giving me the chance to be one of your friends. All those late night conversations we had while doing projects, all those little things you did for me, patiently be my listening ear, never hesitate to lend me a helping hand, always had trust in me, encouraging me never to back out, backing me up all the time without asking for any return & discreetly doing things for me during my hardest times. Yes, thank you! We may no longer be close as we used to and at times I still wonder what happened to us, but deep down inside, you have always been special! Thank you!
The day was awesome! Treated like a princess for the day. Like I swear! Since I already started work, Mummy had to iron my dress & graduation gown, bestie was doing my makeup for the day coz this lady here has no idea on makeup, I was the only one in the whole entire cohort carrying the Princess Graduation balloon bought specially by bestie and the big bouquet specially pre-ordered by Mummy & Daddy! Pretty much, gotta admit, princess treatment! And, definitely blessed!

I guess that would end my long post! The graduation ceremony was held on 14 November 2014 and looking at the date now, damn, I was 1 month late! I'm so sorry, been busy with work, in fact right now I'm in the office, completing my paper work whilst monitoring a night works for one of the projects I'm assisting. Yes, that is how hard life is! But not complaining, gotta be determined and never lose faith that Allah s.w.t. is always there, listening to even the deepest, little prayers you made deep down in your heart.
I'm sorry you guys for not being able to write as often. Believe me, I miss writing like crazy! See, it's like 4.30am now, almost done with my paper work will have to do another round of inspection before going home and get my zzzz, I don't give a thought but to just write you all a post I pretty much owed. Big time!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Back track to my last post, sepatutnya, Sya dah patut mula menulis kembali. Tetapi, kadangkala rancangan kita tidak seiring dnegan apa yang dinginkan oleh Allah kan? Alhamdulillah, rezeki menyebelahi Sya kali ini. I was offered a job in the company, but only transferred to a different site. Quite Very, very  sad to leave the previous site, although I was only there for like 3 months, tetapi, mungkin rezeki Sya untuk berada di sini. Things are getting a little stressful for me here, terlalu banyak perkara yang perlu dipelajari dalam masa yang singkat. Speaking of high expectation! This place has crazy high expectations that are beyond the limit. To be honest, first week here, I came back home crying. Every single day! Tetapi, berbalik pada topic rezeki, I have to start counting my blessings. I should be grateful, tak perlu merasa interview banyak kali, hantar resume tak henti-henti just to clinch a job. Yes, and that’s what I kept telling myself, I’m considered lucky if I were to compare myself with the other fresh grads that are frantically searching for a job! 

Walaupun, things have not been easy, I have to say, Allah s.w.t. has always sent me the right person to be right there and then. First, of course would be my parents, yang mendengar setiap rintihan anaknya. Every single tear that I shed, every single painful obstacle, I have to thank Allah s.w.t. for sending me the right guardian angels to be with me. Next comes my bestie, yang tak henti-henti, seperti my sis, sibuk menjadi penasihat fashion Sya. Well, gotta admit, I dress to comfort! (Sebenarnya tak nak mengaku malas nak dress up!) And definitely, I won’t survive my days here without Allah s.w.t. that listen to every single prayers that I made to HIM!

 I am so sorry to you people out there that have been reading here. I might not update as often. Still getting used to the environment here, the people here and everything here. It’s just so different. So, I gotta learn to adapt! Please, doakan Sya! I’m so sorry for this short update, but I’m using my weekends to search for inspirations and definitely, I have so much in mind for Girl’s Talk! Please, go easy on me, and In Sya Allah, if HE wills it, I would publish it here! Take care lovelies! See you in my next post! 

p/s: Stay tuned to my next post. THE BIG DAY!!! Jeng jeng jeng! :) 

Monday, 22 September 2014

Ke-busy-an Melanda!

Salam buat semua yang masih setia menjenguk blog yang berhabuk ini! Ampun dipinta kerana mengabai blog ini. Harapnya masih ada lagi yang masih ingin menjenguk. Buat mereka yang masih lagi menanti bab seterusnya untuk Ms Egoistic Vs Mr Romantic, In Sya Allah, akan di teruskan sejurus saya selesai dengan internship ok?

Alhamdullilah, I’ve completed my final exams about 2 months ago, and currently doing my internship at one of a renowned company.  In Sya Allah tinggal lebih kurang 3 minggu sahaja lagi sebelum Sya dengan rasminya menjadi penganggur terhormat di rumah sambil menunggu result and the long awaited graduation. Please, doakan ok?

Like I posted in my previous entry, this journey was the hardest but Alhamdullilah, every single obstacle made me who I am today and I’m pretty sure all those tears & heartaches will be repaid. So, to those out there who are going through a difficult time currently, stay strong, have faith because what doesn’t kills you makes you stronger. So, hang on there!

Since I started my internship, I’m so shagged. Lepas Isyak dah KO! Terukkan? Gotta admit, this man-domineering industry that I chose is eating me up, but when you do something that you love, work is play! To be honest, this job requires lots of patience.  People say it’s a modern era, but to be honest, these people thinking are so outdated. I faced with gender discrimination and all, but well gotta shrug that off in order to succeed right?

Panjang pulak celoteh kan? Hehehe! To all my lovelies out there, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! For the support & oh so much love given for this blog! Only Allah s.w.t. can repay all your kindness. Sayang korang ketat-ketat!

Xoxo ♥

p/s: Budak ini curi masa waktu kerja untuk meng-hapdate blog yang berhabuk ini! Jangan ikut perangai macam ni ok? J   

Friday, 20 June 2014

The Last Lap

First of all, I gotta apologize a whole lot to those that visits this quiet blog of mine. I know I have not been writing as often, due to my busy schedule and all. Pray for me peeps, it's my last and final lap in this painful journey of my tertiary education. I hasn't been easy, but Alhamdullilah, Allah s.w.t has been in every single step of my journey, easing my path whenever obstacles came knocking me down, my ever so supportive parents that allow to skip certain family events due to my overwhelming projects and assignments. Syukur Alhamdulilah, Ya Rabb. I'm left with less than a month before I sit for my finals then I'll be away for my internship for 12 weeks. I'm praying day in day out to the Almighty Lord that everything will go accordingly as planned. 

The journey that I went through for my tertiary studies has been the most painful journey that I have ever come across. But, what's success without tears, hardships and obstacles? I will have to apologize again beforehand as I might be busy for these upcoming weeks and might not leave this blog for a while again. I do really miss writing and all, but completing my studies is my utmost priority currently as I don't want to be of any disappointment to my parents who have sacrificed so much for me. Forgive me and pray for me all you lovelies out there. 

I have to take my leave now lovelies. In Sha Allah, once I'm done with all these, I will continue writing again completing Ms Egoistic Vs Mr Romantic, a whole lot of Girls Talk Segment and more to come. In Sha Allah. See you lovelies soon in my next entry! Take care you lovelies out there. 
xoxo ♥ 

Friday, 16 May 2014

2 Months!!

First of all, I gotta apologize to all you out there!! I just realized it has been 2 MONTHS!!! TWO FREAKING MONTHS since I last blogged and how much I missed it!! It has been a hectic 2 months for me!! School starts, shitty schedules & definitely back to the normal routine; PROJECTS, ASSIGNMENTS & now MINI PROJECTS!! I am so sorry for not updating this blog as well as the next chapter for Ms Egoistic Vs Mr Romantic. I did not even have time for my family but Alhamdullilah, I managed to celebrate Mother's Day the other day after my class ended!

Well, since I managed to find the time to update here, I would like to wish one of my BFFs, the one that helped me with the input of Girls Talk, my dearest gossiping partner, Amanda a happy birthday! Happy Birthday Dearest!!! This pretty lady just turned 20 today and I really hope that the Girls Talk team can meet up very, very soon. Everyone of us are in different industries and it always gets crazy to fit in everybody's schedule just so that we get to meet. However, I gotta thank the apps that we have these days, Whatsapp, Instagram and all, it really helps us get in touch with each other despite us not able to meet as often.

Gotta end my rants very soon now! Have to get back to my projects and assignments that is driving me up the walls & to make matters worst, I have class tomorrow!! I hate Saturday classes!!! Urgh! Anyways, to all you out there, stay beautiful and take care! We'll meet again in my next entry, InsyaAllah!
xoxo ♥

Monday, 3 March 2014

Girls Day Out! ♥

Nak #OOTD jugak!;)

Salam uolllss! Aiming to write this post like before 0000 hrs. But I don't think it's possible. Anyways, had a girlfriends outing on the 02032014! Finally like after 3 years of not seeing each other after 'O' levels, we finally found the time to meet up. So, it was dress up day for all of us, since we wanted to make it like a ladies affair today. Where we spent time chatting, catching up on each others life gossiping! 

The faces behind Girls Talk!

Apparently, these are my BFFs that actually inspired me to come out with the Girls Talk segment & the topics as well as the experience that I shared there came from these girls & myself! We have always been the 'good girls' clique back in secondary school, since we don't belong in the bully clique or the 'popular kids' clique. We are just average girls, innocent, naive at that time and became teacher's pet! Lol! 

The day went well, where we had our meal at a wonderful cafe at Haji Lane. It's called I am... Since it was a Sunday, they had a brunch menu & we ordered desserts afterwards. But overall, the experience at the cafe was awesome, and there are no GST charge, only service charge which I felt was worth it as we had a waiter that came to our table to asked if we were satisfied with the food and even recommended the desserts to us since we weren't sure of what to order!

Top: Rainbow Cake
Bottom Left: Rainbow Crepe
Bottom Right(recommended): Chocolate S'mores Tart

After the wonderful brunch + desserts, we went to play pool for 2 hours and to top it of, we ended the day with a movie, Vampire Academy! A must-watch! Storyline was simply amazing. If you loved the Twilight Saga, you will love this! 

Ok, guess I'll end this random rant here! Till we meet again lovelies! xoxo

Monday, 17 February 2014

Girls Talk: Judgmental Society

Photo Credit: FB

Hi girls!! So, hari ini ada idea untuk menulis after I came across with this picture in FB shared by one of those page that I liked there. Anyways, what I'm writing would merely be personal opinions and yeah my BFFs thoughts. Mungkin apa yang kami fikirkan tidak sama seperti anda semua, tetapi, ini hanya sebuah perkongsian yang ingin saya coretkan di sini. 

So, topic pada hari ini adalah tentang JUDGMENTAL SOCIETY. Admit it people, we are facing with judgmental society! We are living in people's opinion, believe it or not! Think back, dalam pada kita rasa hasil tugasan kita adalah yang terbaik yang mampu kita lakukan, we still go to others to get their opinion. Meminta pendapat tak salah, tapi, kita akan menjadi "Yes Man" apabila seseorang tegur what we had done was not good enough. 

On the ladies side, we are facing with serious judgments that the world has set. Firstly, we are exposed to certain mindsets that pretty is classified as bikini body, sharp nose, long legs and the list goes on! We are pressured with all those magazines, advertisements, etc, out there that shows figures of supermodels and we want to be like them! Just for the reason that people call them pretty! On top of that, we are now classified as apple shaped, pear shaped, bla bla bla. I totally understand this, because definitely I don't belong in the small size category.

Secondly, we can be easily judged by our dressing! For example, I once wore black stoking for a presentation in school and definitely perkara yang sangat common kita akan dengar dari mulut orang adalah, "Gosh, she looks like a prostitute in that stocking!"
This is a personal experience I'm giving you. Bukanlah saya sengaja nak guna black stoking pada hari itu, tapi terdesak. How am I to know that the departmental store ran out of stock for a nude colour stocking? Kalau pakai skinny jeans pun salah, terus kena label bimbo/minah!

Thirdly, when a lady works overnight and neighbours saw you walking up your doorsteps when the sun rises, girl you are sure to face with all kinds of gossips the moment you exit your door the next day. This is a fact! Mereka ada satu mindset yang kalau seorang wanita bekerja malam, they are doing something bad out there and definitely it's going to be 'that' job. One of my BFFs, she's a retail manager, so kalau ada stock take, they had to work overnight, and only finish at 6 am. She faced with different kinds of gossips, sehingga dia dah tak larat nak dengar and of course tak nak parents dia semakin tertekan dengan tohmahan orang sekeliling, she quit her job. See, how judgmental society affects our life? 

Another common one would be when a lady has a lot of guy friends! This is a personal experience I'm going to share. I am in the building & construction industry and this particular industry is a men-domineering industry. Jarang kita nampak wanita bekerja dalam industry sebegini and I am one of them. Logically thinking, kalau dalam B&C industry mostly adalah lelaki, kawan kerja kita semestinya kebanyakannya lelaki kan? Tapi, kalau orang nampak kita seorang wanita dalam sekumpulan lelaki, they would say that we are a slut! I have been facing with this for a long time. Sampai dah lali dan tak kuasa nak layan. You don't expect me to ignore all those people I'm working with right? Takkan nak buat muka dengan dorang pula kan? 

So, how long are we going to be concerned with what people say about us? Sampai bila kita nak dengar apa yang orang cakap? Orang akan cakap kita hidup bermasyarakat, tetapi, facing with judgemental society is unhealthy, mentally and emotionally. Hidup kita bukanlah untuk memuaskan hati semua orang, cukuplah kita rasa satisfied dengan apa yang kita mampu achieve. It's not easy trying to please people around us! So, lets move forward to a more positive, optimistic mindset that are lacking these days. People are getting so pessimists about life, so, where are we going to find the happiness? Do it for a day, try and be optimistic about your life just for that one day, and you will see a huge difference on how you see life on that day!

With that, girls, I hope that this piece I wrote here would be beneficial for you! Lets aim for a more positive attitude, optimistic mindset and not bother so much of what people wants to say. Just take what they say, and shrug it off if it's not worth to be cared for. Take care all you lovelies! Be yourself & be beautiful! For, beauty comes from the heart not your appearance. With that said, I hearts all of you out there reading here and hopefully we will meet again in the next Girls Talk!
xoxo ♥

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Quality Writing

Rasanya, telah banyak kali saya memohon maaf kerana tidak menulis sekerap yang mungkin dan sekali lagi saya harus melafazkan kata maaf kerana hampir sebulan tidak mencoret karya di sini. Kekangan waktu merupakan faktor utama sebelum ini, tetapi, sepatutnya, I could have start writing here, but I couldn't. So, I finally decided, I wanted to do Quality Writing.

Penulisan yang bermanfaat, bukan hanya omongan kosong. And, definitely when you talk about quality, it's gonna be limited. Difikirkan secara logik, jika saya memaksa diri untuk menulis sekurang-kurangnya 7 posts dalam sebulan, but what I'm giving you are crap, it would not be a self satisfaction for me. So, I'll choose Quality > Quantity, hands down!

Ms Egoistic Vs Mr Romantic, personally is something close to my heart. Setiap watak yang saya reka mempunyai keperibadian yang sangat dekat di hati saya. Erika Syakira, wataknya diilhamkan dari serba sedikit keperibadian saya sendiri. I'll admit, saya seorang yang sangat ego! Keperibadian yang saya pamerkan dalam watak Khairul Arman pula merupakan sikap seseorang yang saya ketahui dengan hanya membaca tentang dirinya, but it felt like I knew that person for years, hinggakan saya kembangkan wataknya.

So, saya berharap sangat, walaupun saya kurang menulis di sini, rarely uploading new chapters, I do hope the support is still there. InsyaAllah, saya akan update perkembangan terkini, dari masa ke semasa. Or probably the exciting things I did. InsyaAllah, pada hari Khamis ini, 13 February, saya akan menghadiri satu job interview. Syukur Alhamdullilah,  walaupun masih berbaki satu lagi semester, saya sudah diberi peluang pekerjaan. Do pray for me so that the interview will go smoothly. Much appreciated! Anyways, take care lovelies! We shall talk again soon!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Girls Talk: Should I Or Should I Not?

Hi girls, dah lama kan tak update segmen Girls Talk! So, malam ini kita chit chat ok, since ada sedikit free time sebelum I get back to my revision untuk exam minggu depan. Anyways, hari ini, we'll talk about this BIG question yang selalu sangat ladies akan hadapi! Should I or Should I Not? Kadang tu, siap dok main petik kelopak bunga! Eh, itu dalam drama jer lah, atau korang ada buat jugak? Ngaku cepat ;) So, I'll list down some situations that would cause that question in our heads! It's just personal opinions and some opinions I got from my BFFs.

1. Shopping
Ok, frankly speaking I'm guilty of this! Seriously, sebagai seorang wanita, we love shopping for the stuffs that we love. I'm not a serial shopper, tapi, when it comes to something I really like, macam kasut, perfume or gadgets, I'll have this question in my mind. Oklah, Sya memang agak thrifty in spending (padahal tak nak label diri sendiri kedekut!) tapi memang betul! I don't usually spend unnecessarily, it's probably because I'm studying in a men domineering industry, sedikit sebanyak terikut jugaklah perangai lelaki sikit. Back to the topic, some of us, bila tengok sesuatu barang, kita tanya diri kita sendiri, should I or should I not buy that? Seperti ingin memikirkan whether it's a need or a want. Oklah, kalau you kaya gila, tak payah kerja pun duit tak habis, memang tak payah langsung fikir benda macam gini. But for normal people, yang well, living in modesty, we will usually have this big question in our heads.

2. Start The Conversation
Hmm, yang ini, secara jujurnya adalah masalah dikalangan my BFFs and myself. Tapi, situation ini, usually kalau kita nak mulakan langkah untuk menegur lelaki, walaupun kita dah lama kenal. Bukan untuk mengorat, just macam 'eh, hi! lama tak nampak!' Macam gitulah, like uuntuk memulakan langkah pertama and it's regarding guys. Dalam kepala kita akan bertanya, patut atau tidak kita memulakan dulu. I asked myself, why I had this kind of attitude, and when I look back, mungkin disebabkan the way I was brought up. Yelah, kitakan perempuan melayu, selalunya dibesarkan dengan sifat malu dalam diri. Lagi satu, this one reason, matched with all my BFFs, judgemental society! Yes, kita hidup dalam community yang adakalanya, suka menghukum orang based on what they see. Kalau perempuan tegur lelaki dulu, kena cop sebagai perigi cari timba, etc. So, perkara seperti ini caused us to have the question in our heads!

3. Terima Seseorang
Haha, ini adalah situasi yang sangat common kita akan tanya, wajar atau tidak? Hmm, kalau macam dalam TV itu, dok petik kelopak bunga satu persatu. Hisy, tak ada masa mak nak buat kerja macam gitu! Situation seperti ini memang sangat common membuat kita bertanyakan soalan ini pada diri sendiri. Pernah alami, secara tiba-tiba seorang mamat datang cakap dia suka kita. Well, I assure you, it will happen to you, even if it's just for one time. Well, kita kena terima hakikat, walaupun kita rasa diri kita beyond perfect, akan ada seseorang yang nampak that perfection in our imperfection. Anyways, perkara seperti ini selalunya akan buat kita tak lena nak tidur malam. Yelah, macam situasi yang lain kat atas tu, senang jer nak settle. Lepas 10 minit atau tak sampai beberapa jam, kita akan dapat jawapan, tapi ini....! Sangat memeningkan! Yelah, perkara berkaitan hati ini, bukannya boleh dipaksa, kalau tak suka, hadoii, haru nak menolakkan? Especially, kalau lelaki itu memang jenis budak baik.

Oklah, sampai sini jerlah. Nak nap sekejap, nanti nak bangun balik, sambung belajar. Anyways, lovelies, saya minta maaf banyak-banyak sebab jarang sangat update. Final year sangat stress, nak kejar assignment, projects, tests, sekarang nak exam. So, I'm really sorry kalau commitment di sini sangat kurang. Oklah, lovelies, take care and hopefully we'll be able to talk again soon.

p/s: Tengah gila tengok drama Bukan Kerana Aku Tak Cinta. Time baca novel dia dah jatuh hati dekat Abang Jebat, tengok Sharnaaz Ahmad berlakon, oh my, tergolek-golek terus! Walaupun busy, sempat juga waktu kelas tengok episode terbaru! Hehehe!