And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Guardian
And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Helper
~ Quran 4:45

Friday, 16 May 2014

2 Months!!

First of all, I gotta apologize to all you out there!! I just realized it has been 2 MONTHS!!! TWO FREAKING MONTHS since I last blogged and how much I missed it!! It has been a hectic 2 months for me!! School starts, shitty schedules & definitely back to the normal routine; PROJECTS, ASSIGNMENTS & now MINI PROJECTS!! I am so sorry for not updating this blog as well as the next chapter for Ms Egoistic Vs Mr Romantic. I did not even have time for my family but Alhamdullilah, I managed to celebrate Mother's Day the other day after my class ended!

Well, since I managed to find the time to update here, I would like to wish one of my BFFs, the one that helped me with the input of Girls Talk, my dearest gossiping partner, Amanda a happy birthday! Happy Birthday Dearest!!! This pretty lady just turned 20 today and I really hope that the Girls Talk team can meet up very, very soon. Everyone of us are in different industries and it always gets crazy to fit in everybody's schedule just so that we get to meet. However, I gotta thank the apps that we have these days, Whatsapp, Instagram and all, it really helps us get in touch with each other despite us not able to meet as often.

Gotta end my rants very soon now! Have to get back to my projects and assignments that is driving me up the walls & to make matters worst, I have class tomorrow!! I hate Saturday classes!!! Urgh! Anyways, to all you out there, stay beautiful and take care! We'll meet again in my next entry, InsyaAllah!
xoxo ♥