And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Guardian
And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Helper
~ Quran 4:45

Monday, 22 September 2014

Ke-busy-an Melanda!

Salam buat semua yang masih setia menjenguk blog yang berhabuk ini! Ampun dipinta kerana mengabai blog ini. Harapnya masih ada lagi yang masih ingin menjenguk. Buat mereka yang masih lagi menanti bab seterusnya untuk Ms Egoistic Vs Mr Romantic, In Sya Allah, akan di teruskan sejurus saya selesai dengan internship ok?

Alhamdullilah, I’ve completed my final exams about 2 months ago, and currently doing my internship at one of a renowned company.  In Sya Allah tinggal lebih kurang 3 minggu sahaja lagi sebelum Sya dengan rasminya menjadi penganggur terhormat di rumah sambil menunggu result and the long awaited graduation. Please, doakan ok?

Like I posted in my previous entry, this journey was the hardest but Alhamdullilah, every single obstacle made me who I am today and I’m pretty sure all those tears & heartaches will be repaid. So, to those out there who are going through a difficult time currently, stay strong, have faith because what doesn’t kills you makes you stronger. So, hang on there!

Since I started my internship, I’m so shagged. Lepas Isyak dah KO! Terukkan? Gotta admit, this man-domineering industry that I chose is eating me up, but when you do something that you love, work is play! To be honest, this job requires lots of patience.  People say it’s a modern era, but to be honest, these people thinking are so outdated. I faced with gender discrimination and all, but well gotta shrug that off in order to succeed right?

Panjang pulak celoteh kan? Hehehe! To all my lovelies out there, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! For the support & oh so much love given for this blog! Only Allah s.w.t. can repay all your kindness. Sayang korang ketat-ketat!

Xoxo ♥

p/s: Budak ini curi masa waktu kerja untuk meng-hapdate blog yang berhabuk ini! Jangan ikut perangai macam ni ok? J