And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Guardian
And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Helper
~ Quran 4:45

Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Back track to my last post, sepatutnya, Sya dah patut mula menulis kembali. Tetapi, kadangkala rancangan kita tidak seiring dnegan apa yang dinginkan oleh Allah kan? Alhamdulillah, rezeki menyebelahi Sya kali ini. I was offered a job in the company, but only transferred to a different site. Quite Very, very  sad to leave the previous site, although I was only there for like 3 months, tetapi, mungkin rezeki Sya untuk berada di sini. Things are getting a little stressful for me here, terlalu banyak perkara yang perlu dipelajari dalam masa yang singkat. Speaking of high expectation! This place has crazy high expectations that are beyond the limit. To be honest, first week here, I came back home crying. Every single day! Tetapi, berbalik pada topic rezeki, I have to start counting my blessings. I should be grateful, tak perlu merasa interview banyak kali, hantar resume tak henti-henti just to clinch a job. Yes, and that’s what I kept telling myself, I’m considered lucky if I were to compare myself with the other fresh grads that are frantically searching for a job! 

Walaupun, things have not been easy, I have to say, Allah s.w.t. has always sent me the right person to be right there and then. First, of course would be my parents, yang mendengar setiap rintihan anaknya. Every single tear that I shed, every single painful obstacle, I have to thank Allah s.w.t. for sending me the right guardian angels to be with me. Next comes my bestie, yang tak henti-henti, seperti my sis, sibuk menjadi penasihat fashion Sya. Well, gotta admit, I dress to comfort! (Sebenarnya tak nak mengaku malas nak dress up!) And definitely, I won’t survive my days here without Allah s.w.t. that listen to every single prayers that I made to HIM!

 I am so sorry to you people out there that have been reading here. I might not update as often. Still getting used to the environment here, the people here and everything here. It’s just so different. So, I gotta learn to adapt! Please, doakan Sya! I’m so sorry for this short update, but I’m using my weekends to search for inspirations and definitely, I have so much in mind for Girl’s Talk! Please, go easy on me, and In Sya Allah, if HE wills it, I would publish it here! Take care lovelies! See you in my next post! 

p/s: Stay tuned to my next post. THE BIG DAY!!! Jeng jeng jeng! :)