And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Guardian
And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Helper
~ Quran 4:45

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Kita Tak Boleh Paksa Kan?

Ok, tak tau macam mana nak start cerita. But dari title, memang bunyi macam sentap kan? Remember the post I wrote previously, about Judgemental Society? Well, mungkin ini ada kaitan. But honestly speaking, I cannot always please people. At times, I just have to put myself first. No, bukan selfish, just prioritising myself. Tak salah kan?

Siapa yang baca atau follow dah tau yang Sya dah kerja dah sekarang. Not easy, enduring it, and dah janji tak nak complain. Anyways, baru-baru ini my office mates ada buat farewell lunch or something like that. Well, I have been on strict diet like since I started work. Entahlah, tetiba, ter….self-conscious. So, konon-konon lah nak diet plus lari malam and Alhamdullilah it's working, walaupun lambat! First 2 months memang stop food intake, went on a liquid diet, dah masuk tiga bulan ini makan oats pagi. Lunch, dinner memang tak makan langsung.

Ok back to the farewell lunch, as you can guessed I didn’t go. Memang, tak pergi! Duduk dalam office macam hari biasa. Kata nak lose weight kan? Kena determine? Betul? Lets be rationale here, katalah kalau I still went ahead and join them, then I don’t eat, lepas itu confirm my colleagues will say I’m being a bad sport or sour grapes kan? Imagine kau duduk semeja dengan semua orang and they makan, and kau sorang tak makan, confirmlah orang cakap kau macam kera sumbang kan? Jadi nak mengelakkan dari jadi kera sumbang, kita jangan pergi? Betul tak?

Tapi kadang apa yang kita fikirkan tak seiring dengan apa yang orang akan fikir! And kita tak boleh paksa orang untuk faham apa yang ada dalam hati kita kan? So, I usually decide to shut negativity off! C’mon, I have so many things to worry about.

Well orang kata, benda macam ini for bonding sake and all. Yes, I understand benda itu. But bonding in a work team can come from different source kan? Like a team building activity or there are a lot of activities organised out there. I’ve worked part time before in a well-established company. Team bonding has always been different there. I’m not comparing but kalau sesuai dengan diri kita, definitely I’ll attend right. So, sekarang ini, since Sya on diet, and they are out for a buffet lunch and if I were to go?..... I’ll leave it to your opinions.

Tak semestinya skip satu farewell lunch, terus kena chop sombong or hidup sorang-sorang kan? And kalau tak pergi, lepas ini orang tak akan tolong? Well, if you are not judgemental, then it won’t occur in your mind like that right?

I have always, always placed my faith in Allah s.w.t. ALWAYS! People can say for all they want. I may not look religious enough, but I’m grateful my parents have brought me up to always believe, believe that come what may, Allah will always be with us. So, I question myself, why must I be afraid if another Allah’s creation doesn’t want to lend me hand? Why must I doubt the reason Allah s.w.t. created me with this character? Why must I question what Allah s.w.t. has planned? 

"...But they plan and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners." ~ Surah Al Anfal (8:30)

Moral of the story, kita tak boleh paksa orang untuk berfikiran seperti kita kan?