And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Guardian
And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Helper
~ Quran 4:45

Monday, 21 September 2015

The Celebration

Honestly, I wasn't expecting much for my birthday. I wasn't actually ready to turn 21! *self denial state* Anyways, Mommy & Daddy planned for a short staycation cum birthday celebration since everyone of us deserves the break after working for so long and it has been a while since the last staycation/vacation. Hence, the plan!
It was just a trip to KSL resorts in JB where Mommy has been eyeing to try out the 2+1 bedroom apartment. And gosh, we super duper LOVED it! The last time when we tried to stay at the hotel, experience was ok, it's just that all of us hated the toilet. There wasn't any water bidet by the side but came along with the toilet bowl. Ewww! So, we had trouble doing our business. If you get what I mean!
But you just gotta check out this place! It was AMAZEBALLS!!!

There was even a BATHTUB in the master bedroom! Major love!! We are planning to go there again end of this year for Daddy's birthday! But for sure, it's going to be longer!
As for the celebration, Mommy is an amazing planner (as usual)! Everything went about as she imagined. May Allah bless her for everything she has done not only for me but the whole family! I tell you, I was super shy when all the staff of Infusion CafĂ© at KSL was singing the birthday song and bringing the cake to me. Super touched that Mommy went to the extend of getting them to decorate our table with balloons & all!

See those balloons! Practically everybody knew I turned 21! That cake was amazing as usual. Made with so much love by Mommy's friend, Auntie Non. I tell you, she's the go-to for any customised cake. Previously, we just purchase our cakes at Secret Recipe, but after we found her, it was like an addiction. I sometimes order cake from her for no reason! *hides face in palm*  Oh, we were also, celebrating my third brother, Qif, advance birthday. See the edible photo on the cake. Trust Mommy for choosing that tranny picture of mine. My sister, Hanna did my make up for that picture and me being the one with forever-no-makeup, looking oh-so different from my current self!

Mommy even planned for Bestie to attend the birthday! Knowing me, I like love to keep my company small. Hehs! Just because I can give undivided attention & I hate dislike crowd, hence the small yet meaningful celebration. Mommy & Daddy initial plan was to organise a full blown celebration gathering all of my secondary school mates, current colleagues & relatives! Thank God they aborted that plan. *Phew, wipes forehead*

Mommy & Daddy got me the gold bracelet with key charm! I told them over & over they shouldn't have, just coz I'm clumsy and might lose it, hence I'm keeping it safe by not wearing it on a daily basis. Hanna, on the other hand got me an instax that I wanted for ever-so-long! Having this, I hope I won't neglect my DSLR so much! (already did I guess) *sigh*  But, I still love it. *dilemma moments* As for bestie, she got me mini EDP gift set by Victoria Secret. I didn't know where the photo went missing, and too lazy to capture another one. So, maybe if you are interested can Google it. 
*Mata mana?!*
All & all, it was an amazing night! Thank you a gazillion times to my parents for making it happen! I swear, I almost cried there! Oh, you might be wondering how did I maintain my skin tone despite day in day out being on site. Gotta thank another amazing product that kept my skin tone in check! Will write that in another upcoming post.
 Meanwhile, take care lovelies!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

20 + 1

Yes! You guys saw it! It's a +1 to my age this year, this month on the 13th! Finally the BIGGG KEYY! Or not?! That will depend on how much my parents allow me to use the "key". Hehs! This year, turning a year older just made me more thankful & grateful for everything, literally EVERY SINGLE THING! That Allah s.w.t has planned for me. HE'S the perfect planner, never going wrong & knows what's best for HIS servants. Because, when HE grants me something or sent me someone, I always wondered, what have I done to deserve all these amazing things/people?
This year, I decided to do a reflection of all the things that happened to me since the last birthday I had. I still remember last year on the eve of my birthday, I was at the hospital accompanying my mom that was down for an infection till about 4 am and I was actually on my internship during that period that I rushed for work in the morning. Thank God for the strength. Let's move on to the reflection part shall we?
1. Family
This shall be #1 top priority in my list. I'm thankful & grateful to Allah for them, because I won't be where I am without them. Again. Alhamdullilah! You know, life isn't perfect. Never have been & never will be. So, just embrace it & make the best out of it.
2. Career
This! This, I have to thank Allah s.w.t. again & again, for granting me this job! Honestly, no matter how much I rant how bad it is at work or how tough I have to handle the different situations at one time or just being judged being in this industry. *rolls eyes* Yes, and all the other situations happening concurrently! I'm embarking on my 11th month in this journey *slow clap to that please* and as much as I hate to say this. This job has changed me 360 degrees! Believe it guys! If you were to meet me 11 months back, I wouldn't be the same person as of now. I met a whole lot of people that are struggling to find a job despite their qualification and how they are struggling in another industry. Just the thought of that made me cringed endlessly. So, thank you Almighty Lord!
Well, the list goes on actually. I'm spending more than half of my time at work mostly and I learnt a whole lot of things, got to know a whole lot of people and yeah nurturing my character. Anyways, these days, I'm always so excited to tell Mommy of some new friends I made. Few years back, her first statement would be "You don't mentel (read:itchy backside) & get to know all the boys ah!" and I'll be like "But Mommy, I'm in the building & construction industry. What do you expect?"
Recently, I got a new friend (a lady) in the lift and told Mommy all about it when I got back home. I didn't mentioned if its a she/he. Then she's like, "Is it a guy?" And when I shook my head, I swear, I swear I saw those disappointed look. Oh dear! In my mind I was, "Please don't tell me you want me to start looking for male friends that I can introduce to you as my potential Mr Right!" So, the argument conversation begins.
Mom: You know I am already married when I was 21!
Me: Mommy, that's like 20 plus years back. Time has changed!
Mom: Fine! I'll just continue praying to Allah to open up your heart.
Gosh! How emotional does that sound?!
p/s: Will write about the surprise birthday celebration & staycation very, very soon!