And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Guardian
And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Helper
~ Quran 4:45

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

FM vs PM

Been some time since I last wrote huh?! Work has been up to my neck recently. Not complaining! Just sayin'! Anyways, as I have mentioned previously, I am working in the Building & Construction Industry. Not something that all girls would do, but hey, let's face it, I wanna be eccentric! #oddoneout
So, just few days back whilst at work, I was doing some kind of permit application. (FYI, my site requires a lot of permissions before we can start any work) I had a conversation with one of the Fire Safety Senior (FSS) that has seen my face one too many times for this past weeks due to several permits application for my on-going projects. Whilst checking on my contractors on site, we were making casual talks here & there while being under the sun. Oh yes, I have turned almost 2-3 shades darker due to all the outdoor work I have been doing. Whitening supplement, why you suddenly no work?! #cheatmyfeelings
Back to my story, this FSS was asking me loads of questions when suddenly he asked me why did I chose to be in Project Management (PM) line. Honestly, I was quite taken aback by his questions, hence I withheld myself from answering any before he gets a little specific. That was when he actually said that all the time he has been working, he never actually seen a lady doing PM and some men he knew that entered this line usually left within a few months. That was why he was curious why I decided to be in this kind of line and still endured!
I used to study Facilities Management (FM), where a tiny part of my study actually do taught me a lil bit of PM. Truth to be told, I never expected to be in PM line as well, and I never thought I could stay for this long. Indeed, Allah is the best planner! I never knew I had a high tolerance level of being arrowed (read: tekan), I never knew I could really composed myself that even when I was really, really angry, I managed to hold back and dealt with the situation, I never knew that I could handle different types of male attitude (let's face it, I'm working in an all-male environment), be it the egoistic ones, the forever moody ones, the bubbly ones, and the list can just goes on!
There is a huge difference between FM & PM! And most likely, I might not be going back to FM for the time being, just coz I'm so used to this fast-paced, chasing of deadline kind-of-job, that FM will be a bore to me if I suddenly make the decision to switch career. Unless, if I decide to settle down some time later! (about 10-15 years I guess!) :P 
But you know what, be it FM or PM, I do believe that every job has its own challenge. (Unless if you don't have to work because you own a money tree at the back of your house, or you are born with a silver spoon then lucky you!) I have been in this line for over a year now, still too early for me to actually point out my views, but I'm taking these days as a learning process. A process for me to gain more knowledge, self-nurture my character and etc. 
If you meet me some time back, I wouldn't be this person you know today. I am an introvert by nature, hence I don't really speak much, I love being inside my own cocoon, doesn't really love crowd or be the centre of attention. Well, still having some of an introvert characteristics in me, but one thing for sure, I learnt to speak up. I can now speak to any random person I meet for the first time and not feel awkward about it and soon just clique! It wasn't easy, but it was one of those traits I picked up while being in this job.
I would be exactly 7 months away free from my sponsorship bond that I took when I was studying. Time does flies! My name would finally be listed in universities by then, so I do have to make some decisions soon, be it I want to pursue a degree in FM or PM or some other related major. #alwayssoindecisive 
Till then!

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