And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Guardian
And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Helper
~ Quran 4:45

Thursday, 7 April 2016


Believe it or not?! As of now I'm writing, I'm actually at work awaiting for overnight works to begin anytime soon! Life is tough man! This would be another night works in less than a week! 0.0
Not complaining, not complaining, not complaining! #chantstoself
I should be grateful that the least I landed in a job that is somewhat related to my field of study. I should be grateful that amongst all the other people in this world, Allah swt chose me to be in this position. I should be grateful that I am almost 6 months away from completing my scholarship bond! Yes, you read it right! 6 months left before I can finally enrol for further studies. So, all and all, Alhamdullilah!
It just bites me that I have lesser time to spent with my family. Just the other day, we were supposed to go for a 3D2N staycation in conjunction with my parents anniversary, but lo and behold, I was involved in some hoisting works in the middle of the night that I was only there for 1 night and came back to work. I know Mommy gets pretty upset with my messed up schedule, but every now and then we'll have a talk about it and I will always remind her to redha with it, because if she doesn't then Allah swt won't be!
That first part was written on 6/4/16 at about 2230hrs. So, let's continue.
Work has been tough! Crazily tough! Things been so hectic, I am overworked, sleep deprived, but surviving. Thank you Allah! The worst part of this job would definitely be human factor. It's not the project or the working hours or even the challenges, but it's the people you are dealing with. I'm not saying that all of them are bad, surely there will be really nice ones, that really cooperate and never go against my instructions, and sadly these people are the minority.
The whole other bunch is another massive headache that I have to deal with and because of them I dread going to work or even running that project. Their stubbornness, defiantness, speaking ill of you in another language (which unfortunately I understood). I try to avoid commotion or arguments. I know they are here to work and sometimes, I would just close an eye on these tiny issues.
But, honestly, I didn't know I had so high of a tolerance level and patience that I was still able to smile when I was being shouted at for something that I didn't do or being blame for the silliest thing. I didn't know all of these previously. After almost 21+ years of living, now I finally know.
There's a whole lot of things I wanna write here, but let's keep it for later sake when I'm a lil tad free!
Till then!
p/s: Tundukkan Playboy Itu last episode tonight!!! And I'm gonna just catch up online later. Working late tonight. Boohoo!
pp/s: I'm thinking of starting to do novel review here just for keep sake purposes and the least I'm able to refer here for all the novels I've read. In Sya Allah. All is still in planning. Let's see how everything goes.