And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Guardian
And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Helper
~ Quran 4:45

Monday, 26 September 2016

Drama Pergilah Air Mata (Adaptasi Novel)

Hari ini nak buat something different sikit! I will be sharing my thoughts on a drama that is currently airing which I am following quite closely. I don't usually follow dramas that is usually on-going just coz I can't stand the suspense and the lack of time I have on hand.
Pergilah Air Mata (RTM 1)

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Sejujurnya, I start tengok drama ini last Friday night. Mummy recommended it to me sebab dia kata cerita ini sedih sangat sampai dia sendiri menangis. She has been bugging me for about 2 weeks before I finally relented and started watching it recently. Drama ini adalah adaptasi sebuah novel karya Hanni Ramsul. I can't really remember if I have read this novel previously, but the storyline is somewhat in my mind somewhere. (Which remind me I better start doing novel reviews, just for keepsake!) Tapi, I pasti ada membaca beberapa karya penulis tersebut seperti, Biarkan YM Terus Berbicara dan Sayang Papa Saya Tak?
Pada pendapat I, this drama is different from those that has always been on air on other channels. This drama is totally different! Sepanjang 14 episode yang I dapat tonton during the weekends, it brought me to a whole new level. Permainan emosi, plot cerita, development of character, it just felt so real, sebab bila I tengok cerita ini, I have to admit, I terbawa-bawa!
Lupa nak describe pasal pelakon-pelakon. Main cast adalah Nelydia Senrose (Sabrina), Kamal Adli (Badrul), Izreen Azminda (Dayana), Amar Asyraf (Ikmal), Reen Rahim (Maria).
Cerita bermula sewaktu Sabrina, seorang anak yatim piatu ditangkap khalwat bersama Badrul di Cherating. Sabrina sepatutnya pergi bercuti bersama 'rakan baiknya', Maria, tetapi tanpa dia ketahui dia sebenarnya diperangkap oleh Maria yang ingin merampas Ikmal. Badrul pula membawa diri kerana kecewa lamarannya ditolak oleh Dayana yang inigin focus pada karier dahulu. Datuk Hamidi (Mustapha Kamal), ayah kepada Badrul memaksa mereka bernikah sewaktu mereka ditangkap khalwat dan di situlah bermula perjalanan air mata Sabrina.  
I don't want too give too much spoiler and since the drama is still on-going we should definitely wait. I harap I dapat cari novel ini this coming weekend.
Kudos to all the actors & actresses of this drama. I mula kenal Nelydia & Amar Asyraf when they both acted in Setia Hujung Nyawa. Nelydia ada air muka yang lembut, so bila dia bawa watak sebegini, it never fail. As far as I know, Amar biasa berlakon teater, so the emotion yang dia beri is just superb! I biasa tengok Kamal Adli dalam movies, he can act in almost anything, action, romantic, so he definitely succeed in pulling off this character and finally we have a different face untuk bawa watak dua isteri.  Reen Rahim, watak yang dia bawa kali ini buat I rasa geram sangat! I tak boleh imagine ada jugak orang yang plan semua kejahatan tapi dalam masa yang sama, dia berpura-pura baik dan suci. I cannot brain this!! (Sorry, teremo sikit!)
I harap siapa yang tak tengok drama ini, please give it a chance and watch! And, those yang follow, maybe you can share your thoughts here too. 

Wednesday, 14 September 2016


September has always been a favourite month of mine! And, we are now 2 weeks away before it ends. Time this days huh? Its moving too fast. Alhamdullilah, turned another year older yesterday! Dah masuk 20-an ni, dah tak rasa excited ke apa, biasa jer. Tension lagi ada! #iwannabe18forever
I have always believed that addition of age carries additional responsibilities. You can no longer be as carefree as you once were when you are 10! I can only say that I am ever so grateful that Allah s.w.t. has provided me with what I need and not what I want. Alhamdullilah! I have been constantly making duas that the Almighty will continue guiding me in this difficult world, abstain me from the worldly temptations, because Jannah is indeed our main goal for as long as we are here in this world.
Anyways, I can't seem to upload photos in here from my phone. Not too sure why! :( Yesterday, had an impromptu mini girls celebration with Mommy & Angah. I actually received all of my presents in advance during our trip to Malacca for Angah's 21st birthday celebration! Hope to be able to write about that soon. In Sya Allah.
Novel updates and cerpen updates, I am so sad to say that I misplaced my thumbdrive which I used to save all the new chapters and I have yet to found it. Searching high and low for it and I'll continue praying that it will be found. I wish to get back in track since work has tone down a little and hopefully with some spare time in hand, I am able to continue writing again. In Sya Allah.
Not too sure why, but it seems that this year Mommy & Daddy has been questioning about 'Mr Future' a lot. Pressure is getting real people! I'm gonna take it easy, coz honestly I have yet to sense his presence. Haha! You know, its better to take some time than be with the wrong person which I might just regret one day. It's not about me having high standards or picky as what I heard people talking behind my back. I believe its my not-so readiness to commit yet, is the main factor that contributes to my current status.
I'm not the type that prefers long term relationship. Given the chance, I would like it to be similar as to how my parents met. They knew each other for roughly 3 months, then decided to get engaged for about 9 months and got married. More or less, they became husband & wife after about a year of knowing each other. :)
It's not easy these days to find a 'Mr Future' in my context. This 'Mr Future' of mine shall share a huge responsibility that I am now handling. He has to be the eldest son to my parents, an elder brother to my siblings, the role model that my siblings can look up to, someone who can tolerate my mood swings and understands my job open-heartedly. Huge responsibilities, I tell you! So, I hope no more questions asked till 10 years time! ;)  
Oh well, too much random rants!