And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Guardian
And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Helper
~ Quran 4:45

Friday, 21 October 2016

End of Two Years

Anyways, nak kata busy sangat macam menipu pulak, nak kata tak busy pun macam tak boleh sebab kerja memang banyak. There's so much on my plate now, but I'm taking things one at a time. Trying not to be too hard on myself and at the same time perform timely on my career. In Sya Allah! When I saw the dates, Ya Allah, today I am officially FREE FROM MY SPONSORSHIP BOND!!!!! Alhamdullilah! All praises to Allah! I shall now be adding another task to my list, choosing the right degree programme that I would like to pursue.
Like I've mentioned previously in my past blog post that I was offered a spot to pursue for a degree programme before I graduated from my diploma programme and at that point I wanted to get over with the sponsorship bond and at the same time gain experience first, so I decided to just join the working force. That decision that I made came with a price for me to pay, which was I couldn't be enlisted in any university until I complete this whole bond thingy, which I'm fine with. 
But right now, looking back at the choices that my former institution is offering as compared to two years ago and the local universities are offering, there is so much more choices in the Built Environment category that I got confused. The diploma programme that I went for wasn't a specific trade, because I am trained to cover all aspects. From mechanical to electrical, management, and etc. So, you can get the gist that the course allowed us to wear different hats at the same time depending on where we wanted to be.
So, with all these fundamentals that I have it's kinda making me oh-so flicker minded to make up my mind. I can't decide if I want to major in a specific engineering trade or if I wanted to pursue a bachelor in building or construction or even in projects which is what I'm currently doing.
So, I'm like, Almighty, give me some answers please! Mungkin kena buat istikharah cam Azmi Hatta kot. Sebab dia nampak muka Faye dalam mimpi, mana tahu kalau I buat, nampaklah bayangan programme mana I patut pilih! (pun intended!) Haha!
  Working solo taught me a whole lot of things. One of it shall be Discipline! Macam bos tak ada but you still kena datang on time, takkan sebab tak ada orang pantau nak ikut suka masuk ofis pukul berapa, kan? Or macam kalau you ada emergency so nak UL, like it or not you have to inform the boss kan? Technically, mesti ada sesuatu yang dapat dipelajari dalam sesuatu hal yang terjadi. That's it!
Itu jer kot I nak cerita. Break time dah nak habis, I nak kena jumpa client pastu nak pergi site. Walaupun orang kata hari Friday is usually chill out day or TGIF, tapi for me Friday is one of the busiest. Coz, I nak kena ensure that all my projects and everything under my care is running accordingly & under control, so tak ada orang akan ganggu I pada hari cuti. Bye!

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