And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Guardian
And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Helper
~ Quran 4:45

Monday, 20 March 2017

Leaving Site, Upcoming Trip & Anniversary

This will be my second last week here at my current work site and by 3/4/2017, I shall embark on another new site and be under the wings of a different manager. Being at this age, I guess it's good to really try different designation, work scope and whatnots. Especially since my qualifications allow me to take on different hats and hopefully help me make a decision fast for my upcoming degree programme.
Honestly, I am quite nervous to start over at a new site and also having a new manager. I've been with my current manager, Mr A for almost 2.5 years now and there is definitely the good and bad side of everything if you know what I mean. Mr A is very flexible, he doesn't really make a lot of fuss as long as there is no complaints and since working here has so much in-house rules and regulations that we have to adhere, like no drilling during office hours, I tend to have a whole lot of time-off especially when I have to work extra hours. *Downside of not being eligible for OT*  On the other hand, he's the kind that hand you projects, then just leave it to you to handle it in your own ways and definitely be independent. I used to grumble a whole lot on this, coz I was fresh out of school at that point of time and I didn't have any experience prior to handling sites that deals with aircraft. But, now I realised that I have learnt a whole lot and  eventually, create good rapport and earn trust with the clients and they willingly helped me out. *perks of being a lady working with an all-men environment* Then I worked with my contractors, learnt more technical stuff that schools don't teach. So, all and all, Alhamdullilah.
As for my clients, there are a few of them that eventually became friends and I received countless offers from them to join their side. The offer is tempting, but I guess, I would really love to learn a little bit more outside where it doesn't involve aircrafts. Maybe hospitals, schools or anywhere. It's the experience that matter. 
It's already the third week of March and today marks exactly 30 days to my first trip for the year. Well, I have very traditional parents and my idea for a solo trip has been rejected countless times ever since I started work. So, goodbye solo trip....for now! Hahaha! I can't really plan a trip for the whole family that requires taking a flight coz my mum is against the idea since forever, so it has only been road trips for us every December. But she did mentioned the only time she will take a flight is when she goes to Mecca for her Umrah. In Sya Allah, I've been praying a lot and trying out different means to earn a little bit more so that I can send both Mummy and Daddy there. Please keep me in your prayers.
As for my upcoming trip, it shall be with my sister, Angah. Kinda girls trip with loads of shopping which I dread! Not the kind of girl that shops, but I've been planning a whole lot just coz I'm like that by nature and Angah just can't be bothered, so I have to take charge and because I'm a Virgo it just irks me when there is no plan. Initially, we were supposed to go to HK, coz I've always wanted to visit Disneyland, but gotta strike that idea coz Angah is a little more keen to this destination instead. Since, we got the green lights by the parents this time round, we just gotta make this work especially since Angah offered to pay for accommodation as I had to agree with her choice of destination.
I've been keeping tabs on the places to go and places to stay. I'm a little cautious on food, like I just have to make sure it's halal and so I chose a place that is very accessible to nearby halal eateries since the hotel doesn't provide halal restaurant. More on that after the trip In Sya Allah. I have made up a few hashtags for the trip! So kiasu! Let's just hope that Allah swt grants the pink of health for both my parents and keep us all in HIS mercy and allow this trip to take place. Ameen. 
Speaking of April, I have yet to plan for my parents upcoming 24th wedding anniversary. Out of all days, they decided to get married on April Fool! *rolls eyes* Mummy wanted a short getaway, but with all our schedule, I guess it's kinda impossible. I kind of teased them if they wanted to naik pelamin again (read: do another wedding ceremony). And Mummy be like, "Kau dah gila ke Along!" ("Are you out of your mind?!') Yeah, the idea to do a full blow second wedding for them with relatives attending had to be forgotten for the time being, maybe I could hold that idea till their 25th anniversary! Hahaha! But whatever it is, let's just see what comes out for this year, especially since 1/4/2017 falls on a Saturday!
Till then! So much planning to do!

Monday, 13 March 2017

To Continue or Move On?

I'm sure if this is a place, it'll be filled with cobwebs definitely. Hehe! Life has been a little hectic these days. I've been focusing a lil bit more on work since I will officially change site by 1 April 2017. New site, new co-workers & new environment. Please keep me in your dua'a likewise as I included every single one of you that visit this site though it's just a plain boring one.
Sejak kes hilang pendrive yang ada bab terbaru Ms Egoistic Vs Mr Romantic (MEVMR) as I've mentioned in a few of my previous post, memang lah sedih especially tu jer satu-satunya copy yang sis simpan. I've been contemplating a few times back and forth whether or not I'll continue or move on, sejujurnya it wasn't an easy decision. And I'm pretty sure I have not made up my mind yet. Let's put MEVMR on pending for the time being. Diberi kesempatan dan ilham oleh Allah swt, I'd love to continue.
MEVMR is considered as my first baby. The kind that you put your blood, sweat & tears in it. I started the journey approximately on September 2012, started this blog October 2012 and now it has been 5 years since then.
5 years! Masya Allah, how time flies and I don't even realise that. 5 years is not a short period of time. If you've been following since the start, you've been there. Change happens. From a carefree teenager in college to working life then my hijrah. Lots have changed in the past years. If I were to compare my writing in the past and now, there will definitely be some change, even if it's a slight one.
5 years ago I may have a different mindset from what I have today. I may have a different idea of what I want in the future. I may have a different perspective on things or issue. I may have a different interpretation of certain things.
But nevertheless, what I can say is that something new is brewing. I've started it about a few months back. Hopefully, it'll be full force this time round and In Sya Allah reach to the point that I have always dreamed of. It should be ready anytime soon if I can keep up at these pace and push myself positively & constantly. 
I'm really touched to receive comment on MEVMR though it has been years going on with avid reader since the start and new readers recently. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so, so much! I truly appreciate every single one of you. ❤