And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Guardian
And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Helper
~ Quran 4:45

Friday, 14 April 2017

24th Anniversary

Finally, the long overdue post for my parents' 24th anniversary! Mummy & Daddy got married on 1st April 1993, from what I was told, it was a Thursday, then they held their wedding reception on 4th April 1993.
Like every other year, we will usually have an intimate celebration just the six of us. I wanted to sent them off to Lombok for a second honeymoon, but like I've mentioned previously, Mummy hates airplane ride and the only time she will take the plane would be for her Umrah/Haj, In Sya Allah, one fine day! And they rejected my idea to hold a second wedding reception, with the naik pelamin and whatnot! Hahaha!
Mummy wanted to go for a short getaway, so JB it is. I wasn't too keen on the idea coz of the site shifting, etc. and I have to report to my new site on Monday. But nevertheless, all hail to the Queen, we ended up having a getaway at KSL, JB from 31/4/17 - 2/4/17. Mummy and Daddy headed there first in the day and the four of us made our way there after school/work.
We have been loyal guests of KSL ever since forever. Hahaha! Since I was too busy with work and everything, surprise plans was only made on Thursday late at night. Can you imagine I was sourcing for CUSTOMISED balloons for the upcoming high tea session on Saturday! Who would be in the right mind to cater for that right?!
Boy, was I glad to find Balloon by Elegance on Instagram! It was like a major phew, when I contacted Yvonne (I hope I get the right spelling) via Whatsapp and she willingly assisted me despite the last minute request. Alhamdullilah for sellers like her! They even do delivery! Plus point when you don't want anyone to suspect especially the ever-so-difficult to surprise mum of mine! So, I made the transactions on that night itself and Yvonne came up with the balloon design almost immediately. I told her I wanted it to be in purple/violet theme with those wordings and leave the rest to her creativity. Well, can't be fussy when you are left with less than 2 days.

Credit Photo: Balloon By Elegance Instagram
Celebrated at Infusion Café, an all-day dining restaurant at KSL itself for high tea session. Honestly, ever since we discovered Infusion, all the other Hotel Buffets in JB we went to didn't quite meet the par with Infusion. So, those in JB or planning to go to JB, should really give them a try. Won't regret it! Made a reservation on Thursday as well and planned with Yvonne to deliver the balloons at 1130hrs on Saturday. So thankful to the staffs of Infusion for assisting and accommodating to my requests. The staffs even assisted to deco the table with those balloons and everything. Didn't managed to get their names, but thank you everyone at Infusion Café for the wonderful service!
I was down with UTI that day whilst recovering from flu that I had the whole week. So, everything was a little blurry for me coz of the pain and frequent toilet trip I had to make whilst running around planning for the surprise.
When Angah came down later to meet me whilst I was setting the table at Infusion, she was nagging at me on all these plans I made without telling her. Hahaha! Usually whenever I do all this planning, I would asked her to help out but this time round, I was doing everything by myself. Since I know Infusion has a wide spread of food and I couldn't get any baker to make a customised cake for me I was kinda prepared to forgo that idea.
#cintahatisaya #nyawa
But Angah being Angah after seeing all the plans made, she immediately went like, let's go find a cake at KSL shopping mall. Fine! From Baskin Robbins to SDS café finally we ended up buying this rainbow cake at Season's since they are the only ones that was able to do writing on cake. I'm not someone with a sweet tooth, so all this desserts doesn't quite appeal to me, but this cake was major LOVE! It wasn't as sweet as I expected, it has a pleasant, subtle creamy taste which was amazing! Usually when I take a spoon of cake I would gulped down a glass of water almost immediately, but this love here was making me eat more than I was supposed to.
Aftermath of 24 years of togetherness!
L-R: Abang, Angah, Yours Truly, Ah Fat
Family Portrait!
Alhamdullilah for all these years! Every single day, I can't help but thank Allah swt for this family. We may not be perfect, every one isn't and it's just nature. I'm gonna be lying to say that we didn't argue or there ain't any drama going around on certain days, but I believe all this made us stronger day by day as we live and In Sya Allah as we head for our eternity journey may Allah swt reunite us again in Jannah. May Allah swt bless their marriage and keep all of us in HIS Protection and continue giving us HIS guidance. Amin.
Till then!

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