And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Guardian
And ALLAH is Sufficient as a Helper
~ Quran 4:45

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Finally...Random Update!


It felt soooo good to be back here. That's definitely one long hiatus there. As usual, been busy with work, then work, and of course work again! Like can you believe, still working on a Sunday even though my off days falls on those day. Nothing fancy to be updated here. Just random updates. As always! *rolls eyes*

I felt that these past weeks/months was one of the breaking point in my career ever since I started my journey in maintenance for almost 8 months now. If you asked if I've ever felt this crappy when doing projects? Yes! I'll be lying to state the opposite, but this time round it's different.

Made me rethink of all the decisions I made in life to be in this position. To those not in my shoes, they would always say, "Oh, you're so lucky to be in this position, at this age, with a salary that not even a degree graduate earned when they start working." Alhamdullilah, truly Alhamdullilah, for all the blessings that Allah swt has bestowed upon me. I hope there are things I have done right in HIS EYES to be given all these.

One thing people are not aware of, there's a catch to everything. Responsibilities! That can never even out with the lucrative pay or position. No! The sleepless night when you receive feedback in the middle of the night while battling with a flu, the head cracking moment searching for solutions, getting term contractors to co-operate with you, being seen as not doing work when you have been chasing for something that is not even part of your work and in the end be the bad one when you have no other choice but to issue warning letter or even LD.

When I was studying, I remember a lecturer telling the class that this job is not for the faint hearted. Then, when I started doing projects I met with a consultant that told me, to be in this job, you can never please everybody. To succeed in this job, you will have people hating you for your straightforwardness or the right work ethics and it's ok. Now, after almost 3 years in it, whatever they told me started to make sense.

You know how people always say about karma? As a Muslim, I never believed in karma. Only kifarah, Also, we have people saying, sometimes because of orang sumpah sana sikit, sini sikit. Then everything go to the pothole. Kata-kata kan satu doa. I know everything will only happen with Allah's will. But you know that daunting and paranoid feeling that one day, if roles are reversed, what would I feel?

That is why I tried to be on a good rapport with the people I have to work with. No matter what their position is. Janitor, technicians, general workers, engineers, I try my best to treat all of them fairly. Because, to quote a saying by someone, 'bila kita toreh tangan kita, tetap mengalir darah no matter who you are in life.' And I hold those words in me to remind me to always be humble, to not feel that I'm better off than others and to always remember that there's a greater force, Allah swt.

I prayed hard for Allah to always guide me in my steps. To always protect me from anyone with bad intentions. Because at the end of the day, rambut sama hitam, hati lain-lain. And if HE still decides to test me with human factors, then I believe HE knows best of what I'm capable to face.

Seeing the views even with me being MIA all this while, thank you lovelies. May all of you be in the blessings of Allah swt. Till the next entry. Take care lovelies!

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